Computer Aided  Asset and Facility Management 

Take control of your assets and facilities with our all-in-one management software solution. 
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Empower your team with accurate data, connected work flows and intelligent automation 

iSite's CAFM platform is your key to unlocking a new era of streamlined operations. From facility management to asset maintenance, our end-to-end solution empowers your team to work smarter, not harder. Say goodbye to manual processes, disparate data sources, and disconnected teams. With iSite, you gain unparalleled visibility, robust reliable reporting, and a mobile platform that empowers your onsite engineers.  

Scalable and Configurable 

As our customer list suggests, iSite is a solution for businesses of all sizes and all industries. With a modular configuration isite provides the functionality you need now with scope to grow in the future. 

Easy Open API Integration 

Whether you are looking to link with finance solutions or use iSite as a central hub for linked data, the Open API makes integrating iSite a breeze. Time ulock the power of a unified back office? 

Mobile Enabled 

With the iSite Mobile platform your onsite engineers are no longer disconnected. Give them the ability to manage work orders, scan codes, upload evidence and communicate with the help desk team. 

Why do industry wide organisations rely on iSite? 

For over 20 years, businesses have chosen iSite as their trusted partner in revolutionising business management. With a rich legacy of innovation and industry leadership, our commitment to excellence is unwavering. We stand out as pioneers who don't just offer a product but co-create solutions with our customers, providing real solutions to real problems. 
At the core of our success is a team of industry experts, ensuring that our platform aligns seamlessly with the dynamic needs of your business. Exceptional customer service is not just a commitment but a guarantee, making iSite more than a software solution – it's a dedicated partner invested in your success. Join the community of businesses that have thrived for two decades with iSite, where innovation, customer service, and industry expertise converge to redefine the future of business management. 
"I have not come across another CAFM or maintenance system on the market with the same level of sophistication in planned maintenance features. The module makes creating and managing a PPM schedule incredibly straight-forward, easily the best I have used in any CAFM system." 
Property Systems and Data Consultant 

CAFM Breakdown 

Industry Leading  Planned Preventative Maitenance (PPM) 

Designed by our industry experts and further developed in collaboration with our customers the iSite PPM functionality is "second to none", according to them anyway! 
The PPM module is not just a tool; it's a catalyst for strategic growth. Picture a scenario where maintenance is no longer a reactive necessity but a proactive strategy. Our solution empowers you to plan maintenance activities strategically, ensuring your assets are always in prime condition. By preventing issues before they arise, you not only save on costly repairs but also create a foundation for long-term growth. With iSite, turn maintenance from a cost center into a strategic driver for your business success. 



Bulk  Changes 

Comprehensive Visibility 

Import Asset Groups 

Master Templates 

Associated Plans 

Suppliers and Trades 

Update all Linked Plans 


Auto Re-Scheduling 



Frequency Suppression 

90-day  Roll on 

Upload Evidence 

Mobile Platform 



Jeopardy Dashboards 

Tracker Dashboards 

Wall Planner 


Seamless  Reactive Maitenance  

The Reactive Maintenance takes away the guess work and gives you more control over unexpected falilures. This intuitive solution helps you to follow the key maintenance processes and log service requirements in as few clicks as possible, ultimately saving you time and money. 
In the fast-paced world of business, unexpected issues demand immediate attention. With our module, service requests are effortlessly managed, and work orders seamlessly orchestrated. Imagine a mobile platform that empowers your onsite engineers to address urgent matters promptly, equipped with code scanning for swift identification and snagging capabilities for thorough inspections. iSite's Reactive Maintenance isn't just about features; it's about providing your team with the tools they need to respond promptly, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum operational continuity. 

Service Requests 

Create 1-to-1 or 1-to-many 

Automated Work Orders 

Preffered Suppliers 

Link Resources to Properties 

Risk Assessment 

Permits to Work 

Put on Hold 

Create Adhoc Work Orders 

Take Photos 

Scan Codes 

Add Attachements 

Communicate with Help Desk 

Email and Call Assitance 


Configurable Quick-View Filters 

Empowering Onsite Excellence With Mobile Engineer  

iSite's Mobile Engineer Platform places efficiency directly in the hands of your onsite team. Beyond the standard features, our platform is a catalyst for streamlined operations. 
Imagine the impact of creating and managing work orders on the go, eliminating paperwork and delays. Barcode scanning simplifies tasks, making every engineer a productivity powerhouse. Taking and uploading photos isn't just about documentation; it's about providing visual context. Engineers can seamlessly upload evidence, add attachments, and communicate effortlessly with support, enhancing collaboration. The power to filter by workload and type allows for focused efforts, ensuring tasks are completed with precision.  
With iSite, efficiency isn't a feature; it's a transformative force that reshapes how your onsite engineers operate. 

Manage Work Orders 

Take Photos 

Scan Codes 

Add Attachements 

Communicate with Help Desk 

Submit Approvals 

Close and Complete Jobs 

Configurable Quick-View Filters 

Strategic Insights at Your Fingertips With Dashboards and Reporting  

iSite's Dashboards and Reporting Module is your gateway to operational excellence. Gone are the days of navigating through disparate systems. Picture a dashboard tailored to your needs, presenting all key information seamlessly. Whether it's maintenance schedules, asset performance, or overall facility health, our solution provides a unified holistic view, ensuring you have the complete picture. 
Beyond customised dashboards, our comprehensive reporting capabilities and API links create a synergy that goes unmatched. Collaborate with us to harness the true potential of data, leveraging our reporting capabilities and API links to create customisable reports that align perfectly with your strategic objectives. Transform your facility management with a solution designed to enhance visibility and drive operational excellence. 

Customisable Dashboards and Reports 

360° View of Business 

Link Data Systems 

One Version of Truth 

 Who, What, When, Where... Full Audit Ability   

iSite's fully auditable system is your gateway to uncovering operational insights with unparalleled clarity. Gone are the days of uncertainty around changes and key information within your facility management processes. Our system provides a clear, traceable record, ensuring you have the complete picture of Who, What, When, and Where. 
This clarity is not just about documentation; it's about unlocking operational insights that drive informed decision-making. Imagine the impact of having a system that not only records changes but transforms them into valuable insights, guiding your facility management strategy towards precision and efficiency. Experience the clarity that comes with iSite's fully auditable system. 

That's not all...  

To compliment our CAFM offering we also have many other management modules and features. 
See a selection of these below and contact us to find out more! 

Asset Management 

Asset  Lifecycle 

Property Management  

Lease Management  


Project Management  


Document Management  

 Want to see if iSite is the right fit for you?   

Whether you're just at the discovery stage and want to find out more, or you're ready to implement a solution, our friendly team is here to help. Here's how the process works: 
1. We have a brief discovery call to learn about your business needs and see if iSite is the right fit. 
2. We arrange a personalised demo with a solution tailored to your needs. 
3. We will build a quotation and plan of action for you. 
4. We're ready to go. Time to start your iSite Journey! 
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