iSite makes managing your Properties & Assets simple. Our software enables you to see all of your data more clearly, with easy to understand dashboards and easy to digest analytics – whilst maintaining a high level of detail from across your estate.

iSite gathers all of your property information into a single easy to access combined view. See lease information, energy information, size, space, utilisation or any other aspect of estate related information quickly and easily with no extra development.

Across your estate portfolio you could have thousands of building related assets including lifts, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, IT, or even tables and chairs. It’s important to know where they are, what they cost, when they need maintaining or replacing. iSite gathers this information into a single space, allowing you to monitor asset performance down to granular levels.

Managing any estate can require a vast amount activity management from simple maintenance and engineering, through to complex capital replacement programmes. iSite’s powerful task manager allows any activity to be created as a task, and then managed through customisable workflows. You can even build automated notifications to relevant contacts and organisations, directly from within the solution.

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