iSite is a property and project software solution created by Styles&Wood. With over 37 years of experience in property services we understood the challenges our customers, and the market, were facing.

With property estates spread across wide geographical areas and each property, asset or supplier having different systems it was nearly impossible to get an accurate view of what was going on.

Over the years iSite has evolved with the aim of helping our customers see things more clearly, and allow them to focus on running their estates or project with the right toolset.

Developed with our own in-house team, and drawing on expertise from across Styles&Wood, iSite is a cutting edge software solution designed to make managing your properties and projects easy.

Whilst iSite is an off the shelf software solution, our approach is not that of a typical software vendor. We understand that each business has its own objectives, its own challenges and its own requirements. Trusted by global organisations our specialists work with you to fully understand your property strategy, and help you meet your objectives.

iSite – See things more clearly.