From the property experts at Styles&Wood comes iSite. A software solution that gives you a single view of your entire property estate and helps you efficiently manage projects.

A single solution. Provides visibility. Saves you time and money.

By integrating with all of your current systems and tool sets, iSite provides complete data transparency across your property estate, projects and programmes. Our flexible dashboards deliver real‑time intelligence allowing you to quickly spot cost savings and risks to time and budget.

Managing multiple properties and assets across a large area can be challenging, even before you factor in the multitude of different management tools each property, area or supplier uses. Trying to get a complete view of your estate can be impossible, which can result in inefficiencies and increased risk. Designed to integrate with all your current data sources, and backed up by 37 years of property experience, our solution helps you spot and deliver operational improvements quickly and easily.

Based on a principle of helping everybody see their properties and projects more clearly, the iSite software solution is proven to save organisations time and money. With preconfigured dashboards, iSite allows you to easily see exactly what you need – from intelligence across your entire estate to the programme for one project.

Whether you’re responsible for 10 projects or 500, our intuitive project management solution has been created to streamline your operations and deliver clear reporting at the click of a button. Designed by project managers for project managers, this highly flexible tool can be quickly and easily configured for your needs and accessed securely from all devices and platforms.


iSite can help you see your estates and projects more clearly. Book a live demo now and see how iSite can help you meet your business and commercial objectives.

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