Nottingham, UK: iSite, a cloud-based property, asset, and maintenance platform, has further enhanced its Planned Maintenance Module to include the integration of the SFG20 standards. 
The SFG20 standards were launched in 1990 by the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA). Now recognised as the industry standard for building maintenance specifications, SFG20 is an essential tool for planned maintenance. 
With a library of over 2000 maintenance schedules that updates dynamically to reflect changes in legislation and health and safety regulations, iSite have now become an integrator utilising a Bridge Key with SFG. This enables them to take regular update feeds from source so that clients can create customised maintenance schedules designed to keep them compliant while also saving time, effort, and money. 
This functionality will benefit organisations who are required to comply with building standards where maintaining of equipment is part of their maintenance regimes. No matter whether the client is a small start-up or a larger multinational company this solution is adaptable. As the standards cover over 70 equipment/asset types which are easily identifiable as tasks that are statutory, mandatory, function critical and/ or discretionary tasks, companies can be sure of the optimal maintenance of their assets. 
Designed with collaboration and feedback from the end-user the new enhancements enable them to manage planned maintenance changes and updates to Templates and Plans, minimising the manual effort required to align the changes. 
The end user will now be able to complete all actions within one screen without multiple tabs or windows. Each change action will automatically be associated to a notification and the affected parties will be informed of the changes. 
1. iSite with SFG20 integration and single screen functionality 
2. Downloaded screen from SFG20 Showing latest changes 
New SFG20 functionality features within iSite’s Planned Maintenance module covers a wide range of applications. 
Key features: 
SFG20 Maintenance Standards – clients can now access the relevant standards from SFGs 2000 maintenance schedules 
SFG20 Functionality – all clients can access by procuring a customer key subscription from SFG 
Permissions Control - clients can control who can access which elements of the functionality 
Adaptable to all industries - for use in big multinationals or small start up business organisations where asset maintenance is carried out 
Single screen actioning – changes to Template and Plans can be made from one single screen 
Drag and Drop function - changes can be drag and dropped into Plans to speed up management of data 
Auto Validation – changes are auto validated to ensure like for like frequencies are aligned with alert for errors 
Notifications – affected parties will be notified of changes actioned 
Auditability – all changes and amendments will be auditable with ability to add comments to Service requests and work orders 
Quick search schedules – easy search ability of the 2000 schedules 
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